Many of our customers require dedicated resources to support their network and critical business applications. These customers need the expertise and skill of technical resources but do not have the time or want to the responsibility of managing technical staff. ETConsulting's solution to this problem is our Managed Services offering.

The advantages of using ETConsulting Managed Resources include:

Eliminating need to manage technical staff

In many organizations, the responsibility for IT reports up through the CFO, CEO or other principals. These managers are skilled at their respective job functions and running the business but do not have the background, time or expertise to effectively manage technical staff. IT can be difficult to manage if you do not have the skills needed to understand the technological issues and know how to manage technical resources.

Providing depth of resources and reduces risk

In many organizations, technical support and IT responsibilities are concentrated in a few individuals or even one person. The result is increased risk associated with too much dependency on one person or a few individuals. When you engage ETConsulting's Managed Resources, your on-site resource is but one part of an entire organization dedicated to supporting your business processes by providing reliable information technology services to your employees.

Accessibility to ETConsulting expertise and management

Your management has access to the experience and knowledge of ETConsulting's management for setting IT strategy, budgeting and consulting. The on-site resources have access to ETConsulting's staff of field engineers for help with troubleshooting and assistance as needed. This eliminates the problem that exists in many companies today where the in-house resources feel that they are on an island. Our active management ensures that your network is being built and maintained in an appropriate fashion.

Leveraging your investment and providing better end-user experience

Technology should be an enabler for your business, not an impediment. For most companies, information technology represents one of the top five capital and operational expenditures each year. You need to gain maximum value from that investment to realize the potential your business can achieve. ETConsulting offers a variety of customized support scenarios that will work within your company's budget and improve your employee's experience using your IT resources. The result is more productive use of your IT investment.

ETConsulting's Managed Resource offering is not a cookie-cutter approach to network integration and support. Our goal is to bring to your company a combination of resources, processes and expertise to allow your company to achieve its business mission through the effective use of information technology. Please contact us to find out how ETConsulting's Managed Resources can help your business reach its potential.

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