ETConsulting has quickly become a leader in IP Telephony. We have the tools necessary to evaluate your existing infrastructure to make sure that it can handle the extra addition of voice traffic.


Business has never been more challenging. The ability to overcome rising costs, demanding customers and ever-evolving technology depends, in large part, on the company phone system.

Only ShoreTel technology deploys and manages a phone system across an entire enterprise without sacrificing reliability. Unique distributed architecture unifies multiple sites under a single solution. All locations - from headquarters to the smallest office to consultants on the road - receive enterprise-class telephony services. That means employees can be more connected and more productive regardless of where they happen to be. And the comprehensive features of ShoreTel systems can be customized to meet the exact requirements of any business.

  In this online, streaming presentation, Rich Winslow, a ShoreTel Sales Engineer, gives a ShoreTel company overview and provides key information about ShoreTel's IP telephony solutions.

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Distributed intelligence

With no single point of failure and embedded hardware platforms, ShoreTel systems are extremely reliable. In the unlikely event of a failure, the other ShoreTel devices will continue to operate. They can even assume the functions of the failed device, without affecting the rest of the phone system.

Single management interface

A single-view interface means users spend very little effort managing this streamlined system. And because ShoreTel technology requires almost no staff training or support, it saves both time and money.


From converged conferencing to unified messaging, distributed customer care to seamless telecommuting, ShoreTel systems let users choose from more than 400 features they can customize with point-and-click simplicity.

Easy to use

With a perceptive design and plug-and-play implementation, ShoreTel systems live up to their reputation as the industry's easiest solutions to deploy and use. ShoreTel systems remain flexible, so if companies want to change locations, employees can just pick up their phones and move. The minute the phones are reconnected, ShoreTel Smart systems know who users are and the features they want - automatically.

Exceptional customer service

The company has an eight-year track record of outstanding customer satisfaction and financial stability. Our network of dedicated partners provides responsive support to hundreds of successful enterprises.

Data-network independent

ShoreTel wants its customers to stay with it because they're delighted with the quality of our products, not because they're forced into a closed system. That's why ShoreTel systems integrate with switches and routers from all the leading data vendors. Customers never are faced with costly network upgrades mandated by proprietary vendors.

Phenomenal clarity

Mature IP telephony is a stable communications platform today. Users and their callers won't be able to tell the difference between phone calls over traditional landlines or phone calls over the local and wide area network.

Simple expansion capability

Standalone or integrated solutions easily expand up or down, automatically seeking and enabling new locations. Users' in-house IT experts can add phones, change extensions, alter voice mail and reconfigure options without help. And if they need a hand, ShoreTel's knowledgeable network of partners can aid in installing new systems and enabling branch offices.

Smooth migration path

Starting with a branch office or corporate headquarters, ShoreTel technology is the easiest way to embrace IP telephony. Start the conversion to this proven technology today and begin to see system-wide savings right away.

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