Discover increased efficiency and cost savings with a unified communications solution

Unified communications, or UC, has been touted as the "application of the decade," promising to streamline and simplify how we communicate with each other by unifying multiple modes of communication. It bundles a spectrum of technologies, allowing them to work together to increase productivity, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

A UC system utilizes IP-based infrastructure and existing applications - such as IP telephony; audio, Web, and video conferencing; e-mail; and instant messaging - to provide connectivity from a variety of devices and locations. This allows for increased mobility - allowing workers to be reachable by a variety of methods whenever and wherever necessary. It provides for "presence capability," improving employee effectiveness because each attempt at communications has a far better chance of reaching the right person at the right time using the optimal method and device.

Customer satisfaction is also enhanced because call center staff can more quickly assess the situation and provide a solution, increasing the likelihood of first-call resolution. Likewise, UC makes it more likely that customers will be able to reach a live contact, regardless of where that person is working.

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